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YES, you do need to have an Internet Security programme on your computer. There is a myth about Apple Macs not needing security but I am afraid that you really do, even the latest Microsoft is also supposed to be resistant. BUT it is not worth the risk!!!!

For somebody just doing a little bit of Internet browsing and on line messaging it is possible to survive with one of the free antivirus programmes, but it is always a risk.
Everyone else needs full Internet Security Suite.
There are only two that I recommend at present and they are Bullguard and Kaspersky. These two have been the best performers for several years now and outperform all of the other more commonly used suites, and they generally have less impact on the operation of your system.


Bullguard Internet Security can be installed on several systems.

Bullguard is the programme that I supply to the majority of clients because it is very easy to manage, does a brilliant job, and is real value for money. Depending on the licence version you get you can install it on several systems with the one licence, including your tablet or phone.

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Really impressed that there was no call out or travel charges, and we live over 100kms away.


John's knowledge of rural communications issues is evident when he solved our issues quickly. Our ISP had given us the run around for weeks..


Thank you very much for the professional service that you have continued to provide for such a long period of time. Your cheerful nature does not go unnoticed. Once again, Thank You..