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Owned and operated by John Oliver who is a computer engineer with over 20 years of hands on practical experience with technology in rural and remote Australia. John services rural and remote towns, communities, farms and stations with new systems, servicing, repairs, maintenance and training. (Mobile:- 0427412130)

John Oliver can assist with your Internet problems (connecting, email, virus, spam, spyware, malware, etc), helping you with your computer skills, develop a website that you can maintain easily yourself, sort ot why something isn't working the way it should, upgrade your programmes or operating system, and upgrade or source new computers for you (home or business). Oliver Rural IT Solutions. We can assist you in selecting the system most appropriate to your needs. We believe this should be done before trying to set a price for a new system as there is nothing worse than being sold a computer by a sales person only to find it does not meet your needs or has cost more than you needed to spend to achieve your requirements.


Kerryn has many years experience with management and HR in a variety of fields and locations.

Kerryn has the knowledge, skills and experience to provide an exceptional outcomes in all workplaces. Individualised to your needs. Contact Kerryn. Kerryn provides support to management and administration in a side by side format that has proved extremely effective over many years. Principals and Managers, Career Planning, Performance Management, Policy Writing.

About Oliver Rural IT Solutions

Even some of the more modern and superfast computers need help sometimes. It may be a serious virus or malware infection, possibly a hardware incompatability, or even an update that has upset a programme. Whatever it is we can suggest a solution, or point you in the direction of the suppliers resolutions.

Travelling to remote locations: IT Support and Management Mentoring.
Oliver Rural IT Solutions and Oliver Rural Management Solutions are one of very few support companies that actually go to the site for face to face hands on support.
John does everything from installation of new computers and infastructure to training and servicing.
Kerryn provides support to management and administration in a side by side format that has proved extremely effective over many years.

  • New computers or upgrades
  • Internet connections
  • Email and Web security
  • Security Suites you can trust
  • Backup procedures and safety
  • Bushfire
  • Kerryn
  • John

Recent comments


Really impressed that there was no call out or travel charges, and we live over 100kms away.


John's knowledge of rural communications issues is evident when he solved our issues quickly. Our ISP had given us the run around for weeks..


Thank you very much for the professional service that you have continued to provide for such a long period of time. Your cheerful nature does not go unnoticed. Once again, Thank You..